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What is truth?

Recent times have made it clear that a number of mainstream News sources that we relied on for the truth have been reporting based on their particular bias. The rise of social media and everyone reporting their own news has led to a further blur on what is real and what is fake.

You would think that most people want the truth, but I am reminded of a Roman governor in who ruled in Judea around 26 A.D. Pontious Pilate had heard various accounts about his latest prisoner Jesus, and he asked Jesus, what is the truth? Before Jesus could answer, Pilate walked out and gave his own verdict to the crowd and said, I find no fault with him, yet Pilate still allowed him to be crucified.

I find that most people want to hear the truth from a perspective of what they already believe and are not open to what actually is. A wise man said, you should never make a judgement without hearing from both sides.
If we really want to know the truth, we must identify and get rid of our unconscious biases and be prepared to listen to all sides of an argument from credible sources.