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Make it work

Most times, location has nothing to do with how well a thing works. In order to make something work, you need to do a couple of things. First, you could contact the person who made that thing and ask them how it works, or you could find someone that uses it really well and let them teach you how it works. Second, you have to put what you have been taught into practice trusting the process you have learnt and believing that if applied right, things would work.

There are many seeking to move location to Silicon Valley to make their tech idea work, or those who want to change partners to make their relationship work. Could it be a career change, a house move, a country relocation or whatever change you have considered making?

Ask yourself these questions before you take any drastic decisions. Do I know enough about this business? Have I got the right knowledge to make it work? Am I putting into practice what I have learnt about it?

Remember, you have a few steps to try out before you throw in the towel, up sticks and leave town, physically or metaphorically. The ball is in your court to make it work.