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There are many reasons you should read this book but none other more pertinent than the author’s ability to

uniquely present everyday encounters in a simple yet powerful and engaging style that reveal key lessons for living an outstanding life.


This book escorts the reader on a journey of discovery, resonating truths delivered with eloquence and clarity.


The points encapsulated within this book paints the reality many have never been able to articulate.


A thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable work by the author. His latest release is set to be an instant winner.

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The gnawing question, “Where will I be when I get to this age?” is sometimes lurking away in a part of our minds that we have not properly engaged or otherwise have not been brave enough to face. As we try to come to terms with the passage of time by matching it against our best achievements, we somehow want to ascertain that the sum total of our journey so far has yielded worthwhile results.In this book, the author shares 40 significant life lessons he learnt on his way to the landmark age of 40.


Glancing back over several decades of his life experiences, he is able to pick out clear nuggets of wisdom that helped him navigate towards his preferred destination when he seemed to be way off course.Using personal stories, humour, poetry and a simple yet engaging narrative, Olaolu is able to drive home very salient points about life and learning from it.“40 Things I Learnt by 40” is a must-read book for anyone approaching a landmark age. A special note to those approaching their 40th year, please pull up a chair and settle in with this book; it’s about to get better – as the saying goes, “Life begins at 40”.

Book Reviews

Some prominent reviews from friends and book critics

Sally C

I love this so much. It's in line with what I tell myself everyday - i.e. to be the best version of myself in existence at any point in time. I love your reference to the quote by Henry D. Thoreau - be yourself - not your idea of what you think somebody's idea of yourself should be.

Kemi A

I found the message quite powerful yet communicated simply with excellent use of words and puns.

Jen O

This piece was funny, and reminded me about certain aspects of my childhood.

Joseph A

I love the area you asked us to stay tight to what makes us grow. If we have found that thing that is beneficial to our life growth, we should hold it tight. Thanks so much.

Abiodun K N

I promise you folks, this is not stuff you see everyday and the articulation is perfect!

Tim A

Key message for me. Right attitude, doing the right things even in a small way. And doing good not for myself alone, but for my fellow man.

Ngozi U

I love this. That one person who does it or makes all the difference could be you or me.

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About Author

Olaolu fondly called FAJ by some of his friends is passionate about sharing truth in simplicity and believes that great change can spring from little insight.

Olaolu is a Consultant, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Writer, Speaker, Mentor, Husband and Father. Having graduated as an Electrical/Electronics Engineer, he has since moved into the field of Information Technology and currently works as a Consultant in the city of London, UK.

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