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Succesor performance

It is often said that the level of faithfulness you show while working in another man’s business will be the same faithfulness you show when you start yours.

On the surface it may seem that we have more of a drive to do our very best for our own thing and less so for someone else’s, but the reality is that our attitude doesn’t discriminate, so a diligent person will be conscientious when working for others or for themselves.

In the search for a successor, or someone who will succeed at what you are handing off, you must remember this, what determines their success is not what you hope they will achieve, but the quality of what they are doing now. Another way of saying it is, what your successor will do when they get into your position will not be more than what their current performance ability is right now at their level.

Wisdom dictates that you choose someone who is already displaying the right attitudes that are needed to fulfil the role that will be turned over to them.