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The quick qualification

Training to become a professional like a Consultant could take years, however, to fail at little things along the way gives me a quick lesson with a quick qualification, making me a quick professional in that little area. Embracing the quick lessons over the years has led me to become that seasoned professional. I have never seen a professor who is afraid of his area of expertise, so why should I be afraid of what I have unwantedly become an expert at (failure)?” Thinking about it that way ended my fear of failure. 

Failure is not a bad thing in itself if it leads you to discover a philosophy – a love for knowledge – that makes you a better person than you were before you failed. It is however the fear of failure that will seek to paralyse you from ever trying again. And once you fail to try again you remain where you are, in the place of failure. 

In his attempts to invent a light bulb, Thomas Edison was known to have said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 5,000 ways that won’t work”. His philosophy of failure made him thrive as one of the greatest inventors of modern time. 

I have learnt to develop a philosophy from my failings, which prompts me not to hide but rather share my experiences of failure with someone who might be gripped by the fear of failure. When one is free from the fear of failure, then one is truly free to succeed.