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How strong is your core?

In the years of my childhood, there were certain attributes used to describe a man that was strong. One of them being that strong men were not supposed to cry, and if you could imbibe those traits, you were branded as hard core.

What exactly would be the reason to have a hard core? I have asked this several times, and the answers that came my way, either by my thinking or confirmation from others, is that a hard core helps you to shatter the resistance that stands against you, or for you to come out unbreakable in the face of resistance.

If that is the purpose of being hard core, then there are definitely other ways to get to that end with whatever type of core you have. There is a proverb about the soft tongue that breaks a bone, or the the tiny drops of water which bores a hole in the toughest of rocks. In both cases the soft thing becomes a force that breaks the hardest of things by consistency.

We are all built very differently and so we need to own our core and not be ashamed of who we are. No one describes a genteel lady as being hardcore, yet many have been able to shatter the resistance that thousands of men fighting together could not.

Whatever the strength of your core, adding consistence to it, like the drops of water against the stone, will keep you pushing against the things that resist your progress until they shatter completely.