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Stop and ask why

We are usually very quick to shut down any inconvenience in our surroundings. When a fly buzzes past, we instinctively swat at it as if to say go away, or we clap our hands to try and get rid of that mosquito and its irritating sound in our ear. I know I have spent hours before looking for that cricket which seemed to be chirping somewhere in my house.

The same is true for a host of other inconveniences that we shut down, like the opinion of others we do not agree with, or the complaint made about our product or service.

One of the secrets to discovering more, learning and improving is to stop and ask ourselves why, especially when things do not play out as we expect them to. Think about many of the breakthroughs of science and how someone persisted to find out what no one else cared or bothered to pay attention to.

Let us learn to give things a little bit of thought and exercise patience in our attitude before we react and push them so far away from us that we miss out on an opportunity to learn something that we otherwise would never have known.