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Tough days

One of the best lessons we can learn is how to hold ourselves together when we are going through a really tough day.

The real strength of your character, who you are, is not revealed at the best of times, but actually at the worst of times. It is said that if you squeeze a sponge, whatever is in it will come out.

What comes out of you when you are put under pressure or tested to the limit? That is what reveals the real you. You need to practice over and over again what you will be on the tough days.

Check out how others you respect react on their though days, observe what is wrong about buckling under pressure when in the lime light. Visualise how you would react in those situations, ask yourself questions, ask others questions. Practice doing what you have learnt on a daily basis.

Going through this exercise gives us a better chance of surviving and coming out on top of our tough days.