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No wings, but still flying

Nature clearly teaches us that what we have determines what we can do. The kangaroo has legs and muscles that make it jump incredible heights and distances, the eagles have wings that make them fly, the fish have fins and gills that make them excel underwater.

You get the point, if you have not been gifted with certain abilities, then you will not be able to function in certain ways made possible by that ability. However, there is something that you do have that allows you to accomplish almost anything. It is called an imagination.

Yes, humans don’t have wings, but with what we have, imagination, we have been able to fly. We don’t have scales, gills or fins, yet we have been able to dive thousands of feet under the sea. We have been able to use the most powerful thing that we do have, the mind and imagination, to make up for the things that we don’t have.

In case you have been thinking about what you don’t have and therefore limited yourself to what you can do, you need to think again and start using the power of your mind and imagination. It’s ok that you don’t have wings, but that is no limitation because with what you have, you can still fly.