40+FAB Blog

Pressing forward

Our every moment in life is marked by time, and time is the one thing that never stands still. Everything around us also moves to the tune played by the passing of time.

When you are born, time keeps moving, when you become a teen, time still keeps moving. When you fall, time keeps moving, or when you win, time keeps moving. When you are ill, time keeps moving and unfortunately when you die, time will still keep moving, and so will everyone around you who is subject to time.

There is therefore little time, if at all any, to spend trying to preserve the state you are in. Did you just fail? Don’t sweat it, keep moving and you will eventually turn it around. Did you just experience your greatest victory? Don’t rest on it for there is more to accomplish and today’s victory will become tomorrow’s lesson telling others that this was a mark set so they could surpass it by miles.

As you hear the time tick, every beat is a reminder to move forward. Don’t sit around to stop things from changing but embrace the inevitability of change and make it translate for you as growth and progress, and not decay and regression.