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My Story will be told

I love to read or hear the stories of successful people, especially of their early years, the struggles they went through, and the decisions they made before they became successful. They were living their everyday normal lives, learning, growing and contributing to life en route to a place of prominence.

Whatever was their normal then now seems to be worth so much more because, once anyone becomes successful, even their past that seemed worthless goes up in value.

This encouraged me greatly because some of the things I have learnt and the way I express my ideas are opening up opportunities and I can see potential for great success. From what I have seen, you don’t write your story when you become successful. Your story is written everyday in the normal things that you do repeatedly which breed the attributes of success.

So I know that it only a matter of time before my story will be told, as my horizons are broadened by the success I step into.