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You can’t measure intentions

As lovely as good intentions are, one of the major problems with it is that you cannot measure it. Like they say if you can’t measure a thing, then you can’t improve it or control it.

We need to stop thinking about how good our intentions are or how bad is that of another. We can only truly judge people by thier immediate actions, and if they are prominent in our circles, by thier actions over time.

If you are going to grow and improve, then you must move from intentions to actions because actions are what you can measure and therefore improve. Have you ever seen yourself accomplish something spectacularly in your mind, but when you actually did it, you were grossly disappointed at how you performed? To match that picture in your mind, you would probably have had to act on it several times before it came close. That way, you grew as a person.

Become more intentional about measuring the parameters of your life to see how well you truly are doing and where you need to improve. Compare your results with your intentions and you will see the areas where there is a gap in your life.