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No! It’s not new.

Have you ever learnt a ‘new’ skill? That skill could be wine making for instance, but for all it’s worth, people have been making wine for thousands of years, so it is not a new skill, it is only new to you.

How often do we label things based on our own perspective and view of the world? The man that was said to discover America found people living there. It was certainly new to him and the nation he came from, but it was not new.

There is a difference between what is new to you and what is really new to the world. There have been inventions, like the wheel, which revolutionised the way we live. People have been able to come up with such new concepts which have changed the world. When you can spot the difference between something that is truly new, and another which is new to you, you are mastering the art of creativity. That is a critical point for the sure development of any society.

When next you come across something new, go a bit deeper to understand the history behind it, this will actually deepen your knowledge of the subject. When you become good at researching like this, you are more likely to uncover the truly new things that open the door to great opportunities for you.