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Bring your whole self

When we started to discover ourselves, there were family or friends back then who would always pick on some quirk we had, and use it to make fun of us. This usually led us to hide those aspects of ourselves and put on masks to prevent ourselves from being mocked.

There is always the tendency to never let down our guard in environments we do not feel comfortable, or among people we do not trust. We are mostly truly ourselves when we are in the safe space of our home, so, we frequently go out there leaving a part of ourselves at home.

Have you noticed that you enjoy people a lot more when you get to know who they really are? Or, you do your best work when you are not feeling conscious about yourself?

Think about the benefits of creating a safe space for people to be themselves around you. It could just be what you need to deepen a friendship, get greater corporation on a project or business venture, or, get some really meaningful advice on what to do next.

Practise bringing your whole self with you wherever you go and maybe you might just inspire others to do the same.