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Push backs

I am yet to meet anyone who loves being pushed back, resisted and criticised, constructively or otherwise. It is inherent in our nature to always want our own way and we do our best to get it as much as we can.

Our own way however does have limitations because it could be entirely made up of one view point, and if that view point is wrong, then we have set ourselves up to fail.

Push back happens when we come up against another opinion that is different to ours. It creates a resistance which could be healthy for us to build up a stronger argument or to tweak our position for a better outcome.

Think about the guy building his muscles. He does a lot of resistance training, he has to push back the weights repeatedly until over a period of time, he increases muscle mass and is able to handle comfortably the weights that had resisted him.

Push backs are to be welcomed as they have the potential to bring out the finest responses in us.