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The importance of trust

Have you ever wondered why people who belong to a certain group, club, association or what we could call a tribe always seem to trust other members of thier group over an outsider?

This behaviour lets us see that trust could be a very relative thing, as the saying goes, there is honour among thieves. No one on the right side of life would trust a thief with anything, yet one who practices and believes in robbing others to get by would be comfortable with thier kind.

Understanding the codes and practices that are expected in whichever group we are a part of is critical in building trust with the other members. Whether it be in a marriage, a family, a business or an interest group, there are behaviours and beliefs which maintain trust and keep members benefitting from one another.

You may be of trustworthy character as a person, but that attribute does nothing to assure anyone about your integrity. People want to know what you believe and what values you uphold which they would primarily search for in the tribe or tribes you are associated with. If you are an island on your own or cannot be clearly identified with any type of tribe, then your character, as good as it may be, is tainted by suspicion in the eyes of the one checking you out.

Trust is important because that keeps you in your tribe, and tribe is important because that testifies to your trustworthiness.