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A fresh pair of eyes

I have found that quite a few highly successful people, by their own admission, never make important decisions after a certain time in the morning. Some even stick to making 2 or 3 decisions before noon and will not consider making another until the next day.

A mind that is not fresh seems to make more errors in judgement than the one which is. This is pretty much the same with a fresh pair of eyes which helps you to see better.

The other day, my daughter took my wireless earphones and misplaced them somewhere in my bedroom. I had searched for days to find it but it seemed to have disappeared. Just yesterday morning, I looked under a cabinet – which was the very first place I searched the day and went missing – and voila, there it was. On the first day I searched for it, I did so in the afternoon after several work meetings. On the day that I found it, it was quite early in the morning and I had not had any meetings.

If the perception of our eyes loose effectiveness as the day wears on, it is no wonder that our mind and decision making ability follow suit.

There is nothing like a good nights rest to reset our focus and outlook both with our eyes and our minds.
Try making important decisions early in your day and see if it makes a bigger difference to your results.