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It is still true

It is said that seeing is believing, and this is in tune with human nature as we tend to acknowledge the things we see as being real or true. Seeing affects our ability to believe, and belief is one of the key drivers of how we behave and interact with our world. However, just because we cannot see something, or we do not believe in its existence, does not invalidate that it is true.

What is true is true, and is not affected by our knowledge of it or belief. The importance of learning, research and the understanding that there are loads of things in this wide, wide , world that we do not know about is important for growth and progress in life. In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there were loads of people that said it was not real, and they never took any precautions. Some ended up paying the ultimate price for thier lack of care about the virus.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss things due to your own lack of knowledge and belief in it. Always remember that there is truth out there that you do not know about and when you do hear about it, you have a choice to find out more till you believe, or to walk away and forget about it. Whichever you choose will determine whether you are helped or hindered by that truth.