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Look left, look right

“When you are crossing the road, make sure you look left, look right and look left again.” My parents drummed this into my ears time and time again as I was now old enough to go out on my own, without their supervision, and especially because there were not many pedestrian crossing points on the roads around where we lived.

This was one of the secrets to staying safe on the many dual carriage ways that we had to navigate to get to friends houses and playing fields.
If a car was coming on the left, it didn’t matter how free the right was, you had to wait for the left to be clear and then consider what was happening on the right. It took some practice and getting used to before one could traverse the road as if they controlled oncoming traffic.

There are many roads in life with many variables moving left and right. Sometimes we get knocked down, not because our prediction of a particular course of action was wrong, but because we did not consider other variables that we had to get out of the way before pursuing the opportunity we saw.

It is great to invest in property, but are you buying in the right place and at the right time? Relocating to another country might be a good idea, but have you considered the time, cost, and effort required to be literate in another language? I don’t need to go on any further as you do get the point on the importance of looking left, looking right, and then looking left again.