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Make your bed

As I have listened to different talks and speeches to learn and be motivated to make more of myself and my life, there is one advice that got me thinking. “Make your bed first thing in the morning when you get up!”

This is a literal advice and not a metaphorical one like “As you make your bed, so you must lie on it”, and the thought behind it is that the act of making your bed gives you a sense of achievement which releases positive feelings that make you more eager to achieve more for the rest of the day.

The advice makes complete sense and a lot of people have attested to the fact that it has boosted thier personal productivity. The problem I have with that advice however is my wife. You see the advice doesn’t take into consideration that I am happily married and have a wife who sleeps in my bed and does not get up at the same time as I do. So how on earth can I make my bed in the morning without upsetting her?

I know it sounds hilarious, but I had to point it out because I have heard, not one, not two, but several speakers use this same advice. Maybe they meant it for single people only, I don’t know.

One must never feel pressured to take anyone’s advice without carefully weighing it up against thier personal circumstances. Any advice that doesn’t have the leeway to be applicable in more than one way is probably not very good advice. I think it is great advice to make your bed in the morning, but I would suggest to look for another bed to make if you are happily married and do not want to upset your spouse.