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The seed of opportunity

Most times opportunity doesn’t come all dressed up in bright colours singing and dancing right in your face. They come in a form that can almost be overlooked, just like a seed. A seed needs to be taken and planted, then with nurture and patience it grows and produces multiples of itself.

That process is not one of luck but more of following through. I had an idea about two years ago which I could have overlooked, but in hind sight I can see that it was an opportunity. By nurturing the idea, talking about it with others and doing what it took to bring it to reality, I have partnered with design agencies, got sponsorship from Virgin Start-up, met celebrity designers, been exposed to a whole string on new ideas, and a host of other connections have opened up to me. All this probably would not have happened if I never worked on that small seed of an idea that was an opportunity to create a great product.

Do you recognise opportunity when it comes? Do you take note of the little things that could lead to big outcomes? Do you take the opportunity to serve others when a need arises? Do you stand in for someone else who is unable to make it to their duty post?

Don’t overlook the simplest of chances that present themselves, for in them could be the seed of a great opportunity.