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Be ready for the season

Humans have learnt to organise a lot of daily activities around the natural seasons that control our environment, especially those which determine the farming cycles. There is a certain time to plant and then a time to harvest, so one must be prepared to sow seed during the planting season and to harvest the produce at the right time so they do not rot and decay.

As we have natural seasons that we must be ready for, there are also man made seasons which we will do well to observe. One such season is the turn of the Year. Once a year begins to come to a close, people begin to wind down several activities, so trying to launch a new venture at that time may not be the wisest thing to do. However, at the start of a new year, people are very open to fresh ideas, and there is a general sense that it is the time to try something novel.

What other man made seasons are you aware of in your community, career, hobby, faith or nation? Just as you would observe the natural seasons, be prepared for the man made seasons too.