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Tap your feet

My son discovered something new this week from watching so many movies. He said, “Did you know that when people are waiting that they tap their feet?” Interesting discovery that the tapping of the feet could be a sign of impatience as well as a passive urging of whoever we are waiting for to hurry up.

But, in a case where what we are waiting for is so unknown, would our impatience serve any purpose apart from frustrating us? I would suggests that the tapping of our feet be used for other purposes such as expressing creativity, vitality, thankfulness and joy in the art of the ‘tap dance’.

Tap your feet with the possibility of learning something new while you wait.

Tap your feet with the expectation of completing tasks that have been calling for attention for ages while you wait.

Ta your feet with the enjoyment of loved ones, strengthening relationships while you wait.

Tap your feet with the realisation that new opportunities are being discovered while you wait.

Tap, tap, tap your feet, but make sure it is to a rhythm and a dance that will make you fulfilled and not to the helpless beat of nothing happening.