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What are your constraints?

Can it ever be useful for one to have constraints? We usually try as much as possible to get rid of all constraints so that we can be ‘free’. A constraint can be defined as control that limits or restricts someone’s actions or behaviour.

The reality is that a constraint is what keeps us in check and under control in many circumstances. Think of it as a type of warning, like a speed limit on the express way. Some people ignore the constraint of 70 mph on the freeway and this has sometimes led to fatal accidents. As inconveniencing as it can be to be limited by a speed limit when you are in a hurry and want to make up time, you must remember that the constraint is there to keep you in check of speeds that can lead to unfavourable outcomes.

Where do you have constraints in your life, family, career, relationships, business or any other area? Could it be a spouse, a parent, a mentor, a boss, a code of conduct, your values, the law of the land, a promise you have committed to, or a vision? Do you know what control they are meant to bring into your life?

We need to view constraints differently, understand thier purpose, and welcome the control they bring into our lives.