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Fundamental problems

Most problems we face are actually fundamental rather than fortuitous. We sometimes wonder why we are so unlucky to be in the situation that we are in, but in reality our issues are determined by a manner of life we have become used to.

I always thought what I needed was more money to get out of debt so I landed a better paying job and increased my income greatly. For a while I was debt free, but I soon noticed that my debts crept up and before long, I was in deeper debt with more money than I was with less money. How unlucky one might say, but the reality is, the habit of spending and not saving, or spending more than one earns is what leads to debt. As I recognised my fundamental problem and began working on it, I gradually began to get out of debt.

What are the problems you face? Have you identified the fundamental reasons why? Are you working on those issues or are you still blaming it on an unforeseen wind of change? It might take a while to accept, but when you finally begin to work on the foundational things that have caused your long standing issues, only then will you notice that you have begun to make progress.