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Have you seen it?

Some say, “Seeing is believing”, while others say, “If you can see it, then you can have it”. So which of them is right?

Could the cup be half full or half empty? Is it a challenge or is it an opportunity? I guess it is the same type of people we find in the many different scenarios of life.

We would mostly react to life according to the way we see things and this determines our progress or lack of it. It therefore becomes important for us to pay attention to how we see and then what we see.

People that value antiques and the likes have trained their eyes to recognise the signs of a thing of value. To the untrained eye it may seem like rubbish, but to the expert, it is of great price.

How do you train your ability to see? One sure way to do this is to hang around people that have what you are aspiring to have and let them help you see what you need to see to be who you need to be and to have what you need to have.