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Allow it for Christmas

So it’s another Christmas and every serious dieter knows that today is the best excuse to eat what you like, after all it is Christmas which only comes once a year.

I have found that the human nature, if not rigorously disciplined by consistent habits, will always look for an excuse to get out of what is uncomfortable even if it is crucial for it’s overall good.

Today, it’s Christmas so we will postpone the exercise, diet, reading, thinking, taking responsibility, saving, planning, tidying up etc. and when tomorrow comes, it will be boxing day, then New Year’s eve, then New Year, Valentine, Easter, a birthday, a holiday, a special day, another day to not do what we know we should do because it is just too difficult to put ourselves through that.

Growth all round requires that we bite the bullet and do the difficult things, no matter what day it is, if we are to get the results we so desperately need to be successful.

On that note, do have a Merry Christmas, and keep pushing for the the top.