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Minimum movement maximum result

There is a principle of leverage in physics where a fulcrum is the point at which a minimum amount of effort is able to move a maximum weight. It is somehow able to multiply effort to gain more than is expended. Massive doors which would take much effort for a child to move can be swung on hinges with a little push from thier fingers.

There is a principle of minimum movement also in leadership which implies that the less a leader moves, the more they gain a credibility for being in charge. Think here about a lion as opposed to a chicken, the one is graceful and economical in movement, while the other just flaps around at every small stir.

Learn the power of economical movement. It is not everything you are meant to respond to or expend your energies on. Find the activities that will guarantee you least effort for maximum impact such that at the end of your day when you have used up all your strength, you have an abundance of accomplishments that far outweigh the effort you expended.