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Repetition for change

When I went through the school system in Nigeria, one was not allowed to move on to the next class if they did not pass the final exams of the current class. Everyone dreaded having to repeat a class as their mates would be a year ahead of them and they would be stuck with those a year younger.

I remember failing my first practical driving test in the UK and I had to repeat the test again. It was not a pleasant feeling, but the UK government was not concerned about my feelings but for my safety and that of other road users. So, I had to demonstrate that I understood what it took to be a good driver and only then was I granted a license to drive.

Repetition is not as bad a thing as we sometimes make it out to be. In fact, repetition is necessary to imbibe a new state of thinking and acting, it is quite necessary for change.

As we navigate through these dark days of having to face up to racism, let us remember that it will not go away after one season of protests. The conversation for change needs to be kept on the table and the practice of a new way of thinking about others needs to be repeated until the acknowledgement of equality for all finally sticks.