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Making the turn

I have learnt a few things about change over the many years of trying and failing to change in certain areas. For various reasons, such as ignorance, faulty beliefs, stubbornness or some kind of pleasurable gain, we fail to change.

When we get stuck in a certain way of doing things, it takes an even longer time or more effort to effect a change. Some people believe that change happens instantly, others believe it takes time, so which is right? The answer is both.

Our ability to change course in life is like a massive ship in the ocean. It takes the captain a few seconds to change course at the helm, but the ship does not respond immediately and it takes a while for the whole body to adjust to the new direction. We can hear truth or information that crystallises a decision to change in our lives. In that moment, we have actually changed course, but everything on the outside remains the same. If we keep those new coordinates in the centre of our mind, then our life slowly but surely begins to line up with the decision we have made, and so over the course of weeks, months or years, we begin to reap the results of the decision we made.

Be mindful of the moments when you can make the turn, the decision to change, and then through determination, follow that decision until you see the physical results of the change you wanted.