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A tribute to Daddy

To be a father is more than just being a contributor to the birth of a life. In the Hebrew language, the word Father is made up of the first two letters of their alphabet and it means one who is the source or originator.

When I think of source, I think of a river that flows from a springing fountain. How far and fast that river will run depends on the strength and indeed continuity of its source. If the source decides it is too tired to show up, the river will not flow. If the source decides to up sticks and leave town, the river will not grow.

Every man that stands in a place of consistency, reliability, dependability, integrity, charity, commitment, knowledge and strength is standing in the place of the true definition of a father.

Be thankful for such a man that has been there for you, be grateful for the sacrifices and the lessons he has taught you. Let your father know that beyond a shadow of a doubt you have run fast, you have run far, you have run right, you have run with delight, you have run in kindly deeds, you have run and achieved.

Your success and how far you have come, can be attributed to the source that would not be overcome. So don’t hold back what he is due, a befitting tribute to Daddy, that’s what you must do.