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The outsider

Have you ever considered that one day you might be the outsider? You may ask, what do you mean? Well, a time will come when you may have to leave the system you grew up in or are used to, to become a part of another. You could find that you are the outsider if you marry into a tribe different from yours, or you are appointed as a leader in a company you never worked at before, or you are a student who joins a school cohort way after the entry group started.

The outsider is usually greeted with a kind of hostility and given an attitude of let’s see if they will make it here. In spite of the many challenges an outsider could face, why do people still go out of the system to bring one in? Why do a fair number of them excel in spite of the tough terrain they face?

You see, an outsider is seldom ever a Lone Ranger who just happened to find themselves in a new place. They were also part of another group, they also rose in the ranks of their group, they also had things going on, or could make things happen. They developed themselves and grew where they were. So, when they moved, they were able to apply all they had learnt to excel in their new place.

Remember this, one day you might be the outsider. There is however no need to panic so long as you are thriving where you are and taking every opportunity you can to improve yourself. As they say, cream will always rise to the top, so be prepared always where you are, and have confidence that whatever you are thrown into, you will rise to the top.