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Same words, different results

Words are powerful tools that are used to express the deepest core of the human being, they are not merely tools of sounds or scribbles that fill up empty space.

The worst thing we can do is to become insincere in how we express ourselves with words. It is better to be silent than to speak what we do not believe or are convinced of. The more we practice careless speech, the more we lose the power of our own conviction.

One can give a great oration that arouses the applause of the people that listened, and everyone leaves there thinking what a great speaker. Another can speak very similar words but the reaction they draw is one of conviction from the heart of the listeners who leave, meaning to take action on what they have heard.

The one entertained the people with fancy words, while the other elevated them to a higher state of awareness and being. The key difference between both would be that one has learnt to express themselves with conviction, speaking words that relay who they are.

Don’t ever look at words as ordinary tools, but take them as the means to exchange life with others.