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Sweet melodies

Have you ever woken up with the sound of a melody in your head? Maybe something that you knew or a totally new tune. There were such good feelings, happiness, peace and anticipation that followed the dream in which it came.
Those songs and feelings would only stay with you for a few moments but soon dissipate if not actively kept in the fore of your mind until you actually commited them to memory. 
The following songs were written off the back of a dream, ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles, ‘Every breath you take’ by Sting of the Police, ‘Let it be’ by Paul McCartney of the Beatles among others. Paul McCartney said he woke up with the song and went straight to the piano and for 30 minutes played the melody until he had crystalised a master piece.

These songs that come in a dream are very much like inspiration, if you don’t sieze them immediately they will soon evaporate into the busyness of your day and may be gone forever.

So what do you do when you get such songs or inspired ideas? I suggest you spend a while playing it over in your mind until it deposits the essence of it’s existence into your consciousness. Once that is done, write them down immediately or record them to your digital device. You never know, you may have just downloaded the next big discovery that will go around the world.