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Plan for fun

Can planning and fun really be in the same place? When we think about fun, we usually think of something spontaneous that we kind of roll into at the end of a working day or at the start of a non working day.

Recreation should form a good part of our lives and just like we make time to eat and sleep, we should pay adequate attention to time for fun. Leading thinkers in the area of children development and education all agree that the element of play is very important to the process of learning.

I recently went on a training where the instructor emphasised the importance of applying a playful imagination to our learning as this is how we learned so much in our childhood. Have you noticed that some of the learning that stuck with you the most were those that related to something playful or fun.

Our learning never stopped when we became adults, and this is one great reason we must continue to engage in fun activities that stir up our playful imagination which facilitates learning.

Make time for fun and release that inner child in you as you explore the world in new and imaginative ways which serious thinking and work may not allow.