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Unleash the inner child

I remember back in secondary school, one of my teachers decided to punish me for a perceived wrong. He beat me so hard with a cane, striking me all over my body and when he was done I could see black and blue marks under my skin. Needless to say my father got involved and reported this to the authorities. But that experience affected me for years and took away a certain confidence I had up until that point.

My experience was bad, but there are children who have been through much worse. Looking at society and attempting to come to grips with the evil that men act out, then trying to reconcile that with the fact that they were once an embodiment of those great qualities of a child is a very hard thing to do.

The events that shaped them may have been outside their control at the time they were young and that is very understandable, however, if their current actions were to be tried in a court of law, excuses of the past would not stand. Once you are deemed to have passed the age of accountability and are in a sound state of mind, it is expected that you have properly thought through the consequences of your own actions.

Thinking about these things made me reflect on my life and question everything that I had been taught and exposed to. Had I lost all the admirable qualities of my inner child? Am I on the right path or have I continued down a wrong road? Have I been influenced in the right way or in the wrong way?

We must have a willingness to challenge, research, relearn, realign and change in any area of our lives where we discover that we have got it wrong. I have learnt to ask myself, “What great qualities of my inner child have I lost?” “Why did I lose them?” “How can I recapture them?”

I will not let the negative environment rob me of living that great life that I had a promise of when I was a child. I will not let the circumstances and the mistakes of others keep me in a dark corner locked down from my greatest possibilities. I will recapture the qualities of my inner child, I will allow that pure energy to come out and be expressed!