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Reach out

One of our needs as human beings is for affection, that human connection and touch. There was a disturbing experiment carried out in the USA around 1944 to validate if affection was important to people. As I write about it, I cringe and my heart bleeds. 
40 new born babies were put in the best facilities to care for them, 20 of them were given all they needed but without any affection at all and the least bit of human contact. After 4 months, half of these babies had died and the experiment was halted. The other 20 babies were given all they needed, but with a lot of attention and affection. All the babies in that set were fine.

Sometimes life happens and we tend to have this reaction of wanting to cut ourselves off from the whole world and just be left alone, or we wait in isolation for someone to reach out to us. This is not a good thing.
I watched a TED talk on a research done on those who lived longer than average. One of the top 3 things that they did was to reach out to family, friends and people they met randomly. They did this every day.

Having contact with other humans is essential, it is necessary for your good, for your health. When we are sick and need urgent care, we go to find the doctor or the pharmacist to give us what will help us.
So, if contact with others is important, then why do we wait for them to come to us? There are too many people in this world for anyone to suffer from the malady of not being touched.

Don’t wait for people to come to you, but rather reach out to others, you will be solving your problem and their’s by doing so.