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Was your home ever a school?

Education according to the dictionary is – the act or process of imparting or acquiring knowledge or skills. The original word originates from Latin – EDUCERE and is broken down as follows; EX – “out” and DUCERE – “to lead”. Putting them together, it means to lead out, or to bring out. Education then by its very meaning is to bring out what is already in you in a measure.

An apprenticeship most closely mirrors the essence of the original word used to describe education. The apprentice completes their formal or informal training with the acquisition of knowledge, skill and most importantly the ability to replicate the business that their mentor has taught. 

So the question is, should education happen in a formal institution only, or should it actually begin and continue at home? With most parents having to home school their children during this lock down, some may begin to question the relevance of what they are being taught in terms of application to real life.

This period may just be a great opportunity for parents to understand how to fill the gaps between home and school education and to pass on their best skills that are most relevant to the children that they have.