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When you are forced out

I haven’t met a person yet who likes the idea or feeling of being rejected. Most people take it really badly when this happens. No matter how benign the rejection presents itself, it is still received like a forceful punch.

have you been for a job interview where you were told, you did so well and we were impressed by you, but there was a candidate with more experience? 
Have you come out of a relationship where your partner said, “it’s not you, it is me”? I am sure you get the point.

There are two reasons why one may be forced out of a station in life. A pregnancy illustrates these reasons perfectly. The foetus can be forced out naturally before time due to health issues or it can be forced out at the right time when gestation is complete. There is always the sign of contractions in both cases which tell something is about to happen.

For instance, one can be forced out of a job prematurely when there is a ‘health issue’. You will notice the ‘contractions’, strains in relationships or change of behaviour of a boss or colleagues. When this happens, you need to ask yourself, “what am I doing wrong?” Premature evictions could be avoided when we readjust ourselves to do better, like kicking out a tardy or lazy trait.

Again, one can be forced out of a relationship and when you check it, every thing has been done right, but the other party just doesn’t want you around anymore. Again, one needs to do a health check and if all is ok, like a baby that has come to birth, it’s time to move on to something better. It may hurt to make that move, but consider this, it is more catastrophic to be in a place that you have outgrown.

It’s never a pleasant thing to be forced out, so become an expert at performing diagnostics and determining if you need to make readjustments or if you need to start preparing for your next stage which is always a bigger and better one.