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Why does it bother me?

When you have lived life a little, you will discover that certain things will bother you. You may try to ignore them, explain them away, and focus on something else yet there will be that niggling thought at the back of your mind that just won’t go away.

I have learnt that if one is to grow and become better and more fulfilled in life, then there has to be a confrontation of the things that bother them. We get told all the time things that should be important to us, but until we take the responsibility to actually pursue what is important to us, we will always be living somebody else’s idea of what life should be.

What bothers you is probably a more intense feeling than curiosity, for with curiosity you want to find out more, but with stuff that bothers you, not only do you want to find out more, you also want to do something about it.

Does it bother you when you see injustice? Some people don’t even notice and when you point it out, you may be told to mind your own business. Maybe it’s time for you to learn how to be an advocate either professionally or through charitable expressions.

Does it bother you when somebody else is succeeding? You may be told that you should be happy for other peoples success, and that is true, but maybe this is also a call for you to take a deep dive into why you are not fulfilling your own potential and start doing something about it.

What are all the things that bother you? Dyson, one of the great inventors of our time came up with the design for a vacuum cleaner that never looses suction because it bothered him that his normal vacuum cleaner always got clogged.

You owe it to yourself to take a deep dive to resolve all those niggling things whether big or small. You will find out that as you do so , you will begin to live a more productive and fulfilled life.