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Are you open for debate?

The idea of debate is quite interesting. In its proper definition, a debate is a formal discussion on a particular matter in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward and which usually ends with a vote.

Debating can be traced back to the ancient Greeks hundreds of years ago, and can still be found in our modern day politics. There are loads of merit to a proper debate and much to be learnt as two parties present arguments in a logical and factual manner to an audience who judge which argument is more superior.

A debate is not necessarily about disgracing an opponent, or vanquishing a foe. It seeks the triumph of ideas properly researched and intelligently presented. No one is really a loser in a proper debate as both sides and their listeners would have learnt a lot from the speeches given. It is also worth noting that one cannot be effective at debate if they have no respect for the other parties opinion.

What we try to do in a less formal way as we argue our points with family, friends and colleagues is sometimes far away from what a true debate is meant to be. Our minds are too closed and set on our own opinions, such that we hardly respect, let alone listen, to the view point of our opponents. We engage them purely to prove they are wrong and we are right, without really hearing them out.

We should learn to apply the principles of true debate, and this will certainly broaden our horizons, open up our minds to ideas we would never have entertained otherwise, and sometimes we may possibly find that we are the ones with a less superior argument.