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Be like magic Dave

At the 5-year old’s party today, there was an entertainer for the children who kept them riveted to his magic for 1 whole hour. Not only was it highly entertaining for the kids, but the parents and grandparents too were glued to his every move with the puppets, magic wands, handkerchiefs, and a floating table to round off the show. 

Maybe the kids would have believed it to be real magic and the adults more skeptical of it, but whatever it was, Magic Dave gave a very convincing performance that no doubter could poke holes at.

Like with all great performances, it takes a lot of thought and practice to capture the minds of the audience. It even takes more work if that audience consists of varied age groups, but what I find is that if something is really good, then it cuts across age, gender, culture, social status and maybe even religion. I am sure you can name 5 products that everyone you know would not mind owning.

So how can we bring some magic to what we have to offer? Well from observing Dave, I would say (1) Know what you are good at and get better at doing it (2) Love what you do and those you do it for (3) Give it your very best like you are doing it for the first time even if you have done it hundreds of times before (4) Have a great attitude and let it infect others (5) Get others involved (6) Build up the momentum, don’t let the last thing you gave be better than the next thing to come (7) Appreciate those who have given their time to engage with what you have to give.

I believe doing these 7 things would help us bring more magic to what we have to offer.