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Problem of a tattler (amèbo)

A tattler also known as a gossip or amèbo (a popularly used slang for a gossip in Nigeria), is one who is quick to tell someone what has been said behind his or her back by others.

Whether we like it or not, people are bound to say uncomplimentary things about us for one reason or another. For instance, the first time you meet someone, they may not really like you, but that could change over time as they might have been wrong in thier initial impression of you. I am sure you have good friends today who have told you, “When I first met you, I didn’t like you, but I was so wrong”.

What if a mutual friend, who likes to tattle, had told you the other person didn’t like you? As human beings, our reaction may be to avoid that person or be cold towards them the next time we see them, thus reinforcing thier position of not liking us. How many possible relationships or opportunities for people to change thier mind or reconcile with others have been ruined by a tattler? You may say it is immature to listen to a tattler, but whether we acknowledge it or not, thier words do register somewhere in our consciousness and sow the tiniest seeds of mistrust between friends.

I have learnt from experience that people who do not agree with my position today because they do not understand it or they don’t understand me, have come to change thier mind and turn to become my greatest advocates. Be mindful not to let the words of a tattler incite you against others who may have spoken against you.