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Self-hate or self-date

I love this quote by American actress Tina Lifford, “When you know yourself you are empowered, when you accept yourself you are invincible”.

Think of someone you met who captured your attention and raised your curiosity to know them a little better with the hope of an ensuing relationship. Now have you ever thought to focus on yourself to know yourself better?

Sometimes we are in a place of self-hate where we are not willing to come to terms with who we are and where we are in life. We avoid ourselves and preoccupy our mind with things to distract us. Self-hate is the worst thing we can do to ourselves as this opens up the door to all kinds of negative thoughts and emotions which quench our ability to shine in life.

Rather than self-hate, we should self-date, this is where we create an anticipatory atmosphere to really get to know ourselves better. We must approach ourselves with graciousness and the willingness to forgive self.

Don’t stand in the way of your own fulfilment in life, don’t be your own saboteur, avoid being your worst enemy. Don’t only settle to know yourself, but strive to accept who you are as that will be the point where you unlock great power.