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Controlled behaviour

Having young children is not the easiest phase for a family. These are crucial years where the parents need to train the child in various areas like how to play, setting limits, forming a healthy self-image, self control, discipline etc.

The home becomes a good training ground for the formative years of that child. Probably the most important thing is to practice what you preach as a parent. Children will do what you do and not necessarily what you say, so there is nothing as important as your own self control.

Children can be cheeky and will wind you up just like any other adult can, but it is pertinent that you stay in the role of the adult, take the high ground and control the situation. It will be hard to portray something that you are not to your children, so, it only makes sense to imbibe all the qualities in yourself that you want to see in your children.

You don’t have to wait until you have children, or maybe become a manager, leader of a team, community, or nation, before you develop your best qualities. Do it now, start practicing controlled behaviour today, do it consistently, let it become second nature to you so that you act it out without thinking or pretending