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What’s best for home school?

Considering the purpose of education, what’s actually best for parents to be teaching their children to prepare them for life and not just a degree?

When I was growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, a lot of parents frowned upon football, singing, acting and such activities. We would get into a lot of trouble with our parents if they found out we were devoting study time to any of these activities. I still have friends who were amazing footballers back in the day, and they joke that they still guilt trip their parents for not allowing them to play and ruining their chances of becoming wealthy sports personalities.

As parents we should have a forward looking view of life to be able to instil the same in our children. We should also have a good understanding of our children’s abilities and what they are skilled and gifted to do in life. There is no point pushing a child who is interested in science into a career as a lawyer because you own a law firm.

Don’t only focus on the academic stuff, teach them your family values, faith, how to cook, fashion sense, taking care of property, making good conversations, how to make and manage money, importance of saving, having a good attitude, being a good citizen, research, how to interpret news and much more.

Life is not one dimensional nor does it always follow the path we prescribe for them, but if we do a great job of educating them, then who says a one time footballer cannot become the president of his country?