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Cost of picking a winner

Those that come to great success will tell you they never always started out with a sure bet idea which brought in their great fortunes. In fact, you will hear stories of how they tried and tried again until they finally got the breakthrough idea.

On the other hand, those that don’t attain that kind of success always seem to have an apprehension and will refuse movement until they have a sure bet idea.

In the words of respected business model expert Alex Osterwalder, “You can’t pick a winner without investing in the losers” he reveals the mindset of the organisations or individuals that come up with the big winners. Their attitude is, once there is an idea, throw your best resources at it to bring it to life.

Without giving it your all, you don’t even get a chance to prove if it is good or terrible. Whatever your idea, invest in it. If it is good you will get signals egging it on. If it is bad, you will see the hand writing on the wall. If you do nothing, then nothing will happen and time will fritter away while you frantically achieve nothing.

Anything of value in life never comes for free as there is always the cost of picking a winner. Be constantly ready to pay that price and you will find that you have an attitude that makes whatever you touch to become a winner.