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When I get tired

When I get tired, it is a warning sign indicating that I need to make a readjustment.

If the signs are ignored then a bad attitude, temper, focus, judgement, decision or output are the results.
When we don’t deal with warning signs, we run the risk of incurring great damage.

 I once put the wrong fuel in my car absent minded. As I drove I noticed the car was struggling to accelerate, but I kept on driving. Half way through my journey, a red light came up on my dashboard, I had never seen that in the 5 years I had owned the vehicle. It suddenly struck me that I had put the wrong fuel in my car. I immediately called my breakdown cover and told them the issue. Thankfully they came out and were able to resolve it. The engineer who fixed my vehicle told me that they get calls from people who only report their problem a few days after noticing something is wrong, in most cases what can be done to rectify it is limited and as a result the car owner would have to replace the whole engine.

When we get tired, it is a sign that we need a break to refresh physically, emotionally or spiritually.
Know yourself and be honest about your limitations. 

Taking the step to rest and refresh could prove crucial to that next decision you will make which would prevent your life’s engines from crashing.