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The vision keeper

I couldn’t help thinking about the story of these tennis greats, the Williams sisters. The story however does not start with them, we see their Father, Richard, catching a glimpse of the future and seeing his daughters reigning as champions on the tennis courts. That vision drove him to get them practicing tennis from the age of 4 and a half years old. The rest they say is history.

At the point he had the dream, it probably was not based on any potential he could see in his daughters, but holding on to that dream and taking the practical steps to see its fulfilment unlocked the great abilities in each of his daughters that have seen them top the game in every way.

I wonder, what if Richard never followed that vision through? After all, he was not the player that would win the accolades. He could have gone on and done his own thing and left his girls to make their own way.

I cannot even imagine the effort, sacrifice, long days and sleepless nights he must have gone through to keep that picture front and centre of their minds. He had to own it for them for years bearing every burden of the dream before it became theirs and they took off with it. 

Did you ever have any vision keepers in your life that pushed you to unlock your best abilities? Do you have any now? It’s not too late to hook up with a vision keeper who will bring the best out of you. 

More importantly, why don’t you be the vision keeper of the next generation in your home, place of work, community or nation. That vision you see has the potential to raise up champions that will rule in their world.