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The fire fighters plan

Have you ever scrambled to complete what you should have done earlier in about a quarter of the time it really takes to do it adequately? If so, then you are familiar with what we call fire fighting. Fires usually start unexpectedly and burn unpredictably as it moves quickly, thus making it so difficult to deal with.

Contrary to popular belief, an actual fire fighter does have a plan, this involves daily exercises and playing out scenarios that could occur in a real fire. They live on high alert and are ready to move quickly to deal with an incident. In order words, they are adequately prepared daily, have long term plans, strategies, and knowledge built up over the years which help them to fight fires. They don’t just wake up and rush into a fire blindly, which is the assumption popularly made about them.

So what is your plan for dealing with the unexpected, unpredictable and swift moving pace of the things coming at you? Do you go from day to day doing what comes to your mind at the moment? Or, are you in a life long process of daily preparation, building up the skills, knowledge and abilities that make you effective at handling life?

Don’t live your life as the proverbial fire fighter who hasn’t got a plan, but rather model yourself after the true fire fighters who are always ready to respond because they do have a plan.